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Sadat City · Minofia
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Bank Audi ATM Sadat City is located in Sadat City, Almatex, Minofia, Egypt


Sadat City
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Through acquisition of Cairo Far East Bank sae in March 2006, a small Egyptian bank with only 3 branches, Bank Audi Egypt with its dynamic strategy evolved to be one of the market key players today with a network of 41 branches. The bank’s capital was raised in 2006 to USD 100 million and kept on increasing until it reached USD 347 million in December 2015.

Bank Audi Egypt continuous growth and success is based on several key factors:
A strategy with a clear focus on three priorities: being focused on customers’ lifecycle and the suitable products and services; introducing new innovative channels to cope with new technology trend; and deploying a new branch model that will enhance the customers’ experience.
A committed team that lives our shared values and works together to provide customers with expert advice, insights and financial solutions.
A highly diversified and well-balanced business, operating within a clearly defined footprint.
The Bank’s successful business operations are based on a complete banking model which includes: Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, SME’s, Affluent Banking, Islamic Banking, Retail Banking, Mortgage Finance, and Bancassurance.

In addition, Bank Audi blended it’s corporate values with the technology and innovation that characterize the best of modern banking to offer our customers a comprehensive bundle of products and services for higher satisfaction level.

One of our key strengths is our prominent Board of Directors, which is the ultimate decision-making body of the bank chaired by Mr. Hatem Sadek, (Chairman and Managing Director).

The Board continuously protects and enhances shareholders’ long-term value by taking responsibility for the Bank's overall corporate governance. The Board consists of 7 members: Mr. Mohamed Abbas Fayed (Deputy Chairman and Managing Director), Mr. Yehia Kamel (Deputy Managing Director), Mr. Raymond Audi, Mr. Samir Hanna, Dr. Freddie Baz, Dr. Marwan Ghandour, Mr. Maurice Sayde and Dr. Mohamed Taymour.

Our main focus has been the pursuit of excellence for our customers. So, keeping customer convenience at the forefront, the Bank provides a wide array of alternative delivery channels that include 123 ATMs, 24/7 call center, and a convenient internet banking service together with more innovative channels to be launched soon

Bank Audi Egypt Key Financial Highlights:

Bank Audi sae is driven by an uncompromising mission to build lasting relationships with clients who share our aspiration for being partners by mutual choice.

We see a key part of our contribution to this affinity partnership being based around the value provided by our striving for professionalism, innovation, and quality of service and through the sharing of information, in applying our knowledge and abilities to meet the changing financial service needs of our clients. In 2013, we have again delivered financial performance that should be considered above expectation, given the market environment that persisted.
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